Opening minds to psychedelic medicine for mental and physical wellness.


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Our mission is inspired by the founder’s journey following a life-changing medical diagnosis that led to her discovery of psychedelic treatment.

Our goal is to break down taboos, destigmatize health conditions and illuminate options. We create a safe space to explore and share varying points of views while respecting everyone’s path to wellness is unique and deeply personal.

We do this for the curious, the skeptics and the naysayers.

A.P. CHEM® is proud to partner The Ketamine Fund, a non-profit organization that provides free ketamine treatment to veterans suffering from PTSD.

Our Alt-Pharma™


Sanjiv Chopra MD MACP FRCP

Professor of Medicine,
Harvard Medical School

Warren Gumpel

Founder and CEO OF KetaMD and
Co-Founder of The Ketamine Fund

Dr. Ena Pearl

Doctor of Energy Medicine

Zappy Zapolin

Chief Visionary Officer at
Psycheceutical Bioscience

Masha Ty

Corporate Growth Director, ACS Laboratory

Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author of The Joy Plan


A.P. CHEM ® founder, Sandra Statz, was diagnosed with an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that led her on a journey that inspired our brand mission: advocacy for psychedelic medicine. Whether you’re “no, pro, or curious” the brand’s mission stands for self-advocacy. Know your options.

As her physical condition worsened, she turned to her friend Sherwin (now A.P. CHEM’s Co-Founder + Chief Science Officer). He encouraged her to ask questions and get second, even third opinions versus leaving without answers or taking the first treatment prescribed—none were working anyway. She eventually found the right treatment protocol.

Sandra’s experience took a toll—adapting to her challenging new reality led to depression. Another friend confided in her about his treatment-resistant depression—and his breakthrough with ketamine infusions. And so began her trip. She connected with leaders in psychedelic medicine and discovered a passionate community of doctors and scientists. She now advocates for the awareness and de-stigmatization of psychedelics for the treatment of mental and physical health.

We respect that everyone’s path to wellness is unique and deeply personal. We advocate for the curious, the skeptics and the naysayers. To learn more about ketamine treatment, click the link below.