There's a shroom boom happening, from the rise of coffee alternatives, to supplements, to mushroom-infused skincare. Here's why.
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"The last few years have been turbulent, and people have become increasingly focused on their inner and outer wellbeing," explains Dr. Sherwin Parikh, board-certified dermatologist, founder of Tribeca Skin Center, and Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of A.P. CHEM.

"People are exploring alternative and holistic treatments for a mind-body balance. They're looking to nootropics to boost their mood or promote relaxation. Similarly, they're discovering the adaptogenic benefits of mushrooms to treat a variety of concerns such as stress, fatigue, and inflammation,” says Dr. Parikh.

A.P. CHEM’s microDOSE Magical Moisturizer features proprietary adaptoGEN8 Complex, which boasts eight adaptogenic mushroom extracts, the most in any skincare formula, to calm, soothe, energize, and protect for optimal skin health and renewal.

One of the most common mushrooms found in skincare are shiitake mushrooms. They contain kojic acid, a well-known skin brightener, but did you know they also contain antioxidants and selenium that can decrease irritation and calm inflammation?

Tremella is another favorite for its hydrating benefits. Not only does it help quench skin, it’s also high in vitamin D and antoxidants know to strengthen the skin barrier, and help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Each mushroom extract in our proprietary adaptoGEN8 Complex™ has distinctive skincare benefits. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Shiitake: Brightening
  • Reishi: Calming
  • Cordyceps: Energizing
  • Trametes: Detoxifying
  • Tremella: Hydrating
  • Wood Ear: Nutritive
  • Chaga: Protective
  • Maitake: Antioxidative

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