How an Autoimmune Disease and Psychedelics Led to a Skincare Brand

How an Autoimmune Disease and Psychedelics Led to a Skincare Brand

Our brand founder shares how her diagnosis with an autoimmune disease led to her advocacy for Psychedelic Medicine, and how it inspired her skincare brand.
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In 2018, Sandra Statz, A.P. CHEM Founder & CEO, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune and inflammatory disease.

For months, her doctors experimented with various treatment protocols. Just as her condition started to improve, she began to suffer from new, debilitating pain. She was diagnosed with adenomyosis and made the difficult decision to have a hysterectomy to alleviate the severe symptoms.

Finding herself in what felt like a constant battle with her own body pushed her into a state of anxiety and depression. In early 2020, Sandra pursued ketamine treatment. While she had her reservations about such an unconventional treatment, her experience was nothing short of transformative.

"The immediate and ongoing positive effects it had on my mental and physical health were eye-opening." Sandra has since become a professional advocate for Psychedelic Medicine.

It just so happened that while she was on this harrowing health journey, she was developing her skincare brand, A.P. CHEM. Her exploration of classic and alternative (or Alt-Pharma™) treatments inspired the brand’s formulation philosophy.

"I was prescribed so many pills that didn’t work. I understand that trial and error is part of the process, and I’m grateful we found a solution. Frankly, I just hated it. My experience taught me how to ask questions, request second and even third opinions, and explore my options."

Sandra started taking more control of her health with simple, safe alternatives to reducing inflammation as well as addressing her anxiety and depression – all under the guidance of her specialists.

"I started taking supplements and eating foods rich in anti-inflammatories and those clinically proven to help alleviate stress."

Sandra and Dr. Sherwin Parikh, A.P. CHEM’s Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, had an aha moment. After careful research, they determined that several ingredients Sandra incorporated into her daily practices had similar uplifting, calming, or soothing effects for skin health.

A key example is one of the brand’s hero ingredients – gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Commonly taken over the counter as a supplement to promote relaxation, it has similar, clinically proven topical benefits. Known as Nature’s Botox, it relaxes the tense facial muscles that cause common wrinkles and expression lines to form, instantly and over time.

“A.P. CHEM stands for many things including Alt-Pharma Chemistry. We’re not Anti-Pharm. We’re Alt-Pharma. We’re skin scientists. We’re cool nerds. We’re always looking for the latest, proven innovations for optimal skin health and renewal.”

To learn more about Sandra’s health journey and how it informed the brand’s formulation philosophy, visit here.

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